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Business Law Attorney Serving Las Vegas And Out-Of-State Businesses In Collections

Experience Litigating Multimillion-Dollar Claims

When one party declares bankruptcy, creditors need reliable representation to maximize their recovery. Attorney Craig Dunlap has worked with numerous multimillion-dollar claims, and offers the reliability of large law firm representation without the large overhead costs and inefficiencies often associated with these firms.

Craig Dunlap has prosecuted numerous claims on behalf of creditors, trustees and third parties in complex bankruptcies. He also worked as a law clerk to a U.S. bankruptcy judge early in his career. This experience gives Dunlap the ability to litigate large cases against capable lawyers.

Thorough Knowledge Of The Bankruptcy Court System

Bankruptcy litigation takes place in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, so the environment and legal process is different than other forms of civil litigation. To best represent your case in bankruptcy court, you need a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer who is familiar with this landscape.

In addition to working as a law clerk for a bankruptcy judge and practicing large bankruptcy cases, Craig Dunlap has helped prepare for many different kinds of trials, and has drafted a variety of orders and decisions, including those issued by the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel.

Representing Individuals, Businesses And Interested Parties

Craig Dunlap Law represents numerous clients in a variety of bankruptcy claims, ranging from unpaid contracts to small-business disputes. Located in Las Vegas, Craig Dunlap assists individuals and businesses all over the country looking to bring an action against a party in Nevada.

To discuss your case, call Craig Dunlap Law today at 702-996-6359, or fill out the form online.

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