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Business Law Attorney Serving Las Vegas And Out-Of-State Businesses In Collections

Seasoned Litigator For Your Commercial Disputes

If you are defending or prosecuting in a financial or business matter, you need an experienced attorney you can trust. Craig Dunlap has experience working with large law firms — assisting large corporations and banks in multimillion-dollar cases. He has experience in numerous commercial disputes, including:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Contract actions
  • Fraud cases
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Construction law
  • Outstanding bill collections

In addition to business and commercial litigation, Craig Dunlap Law can assist you with transactional business law needs as well. Craig Dunlap has drafted, reviewed and negotiated various business contracts and operating agreements, as well as established several corporations and limited liability companies. Understanding how these contracts are used in litigation is an asset when forming the agreements.

Another Set Of Eyes For Your Business Matters

What can appear as a simple disagreement can manifest into complex litigation. Business disputes can have a long process — from settlement negotiations to arbitration or litigation. A lawyer familiar with all aspects of this process can be invaluable to your case.

With over 20 years of experience, Craig Dunlap has seasoned legal judgment in business and commercial matters. He can provide legal counsel for your business dispute, and help you make better legal decisions for your case.

Craig Dunlap Law practices in Las Vegas, but can assist any business or individual seeking to bring an action against a party in Nevada. For a case consultation, fill out a form online or call 702-996-6359.

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