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Business Law Attorney Serving Las Vegas And Out-Of-State Businesses In Collections

Fighting On Behalf Of Creditors In State Court

When another party refuses to pay the money they owe, creditors need a trusted litigator to fight for their financial recovery. When the other party declares bankruptcy, these cases are usually litigated in bankruptcy court — but in other cases, they are brought about in state court.

Craig Dunlap Law has extensive experience assisting creditors in financial disputes, many of which involve multimillion-dollar claims between large businesses or banks. Attorney Craig Dunlap can assist in a variety of debt collection cases — including nondischargeability proceedings, preferences, fraudulent transfer actions and other state law claims brought about in Nevada.

An Experienced Litigator Who Knows Your Rights

Debtors can often resort to unlawful tactics to avoid paying their debts. A knowledgeable lawyer can spot these tactics and protect creditors' rights.

Craig Dunlap represents creditors throughout litigation and judgment, and can help facilitate liens collections, foreign judgments, secured and unsecured claims, and judgment debtor examinations. If a debtor has defrauded you or failed to fulfill their contract, these measures will help get you the financial recovery you deserve.

Representing Clients Across The Country

Located in Las Vegas, Craig Dunlap Law represents clients from any part of the country looking to take legal action in Nevada. Having previously worked for large law firms, Craig Dunlap knows the importance of convenience, transparency and efficiency. He prioritizes communication, ensuring you understand every part of your case, no matter where you are located.

Craig Dunlap combines large-firm experience with the personalization, transparency and efficiency of a lean law practice. For a case consultation, contact the firm online or call 702-996-6359.

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