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Our Staff Handles Commercial Leasing With Professional Care

At Craig Dunlap Law, our legal team understands how vital commercial leasing is for Las Vegas. Our economy thrives on businesses and the commercial leases they depend upon. Commercial leasing is a business, and contracts are vital to both businesses' and commercial property's success. You cannot afford to work with a lawyer who does not have your best interests at heart or who cannot manage the detailed legal needs involved in your property.

Our firm treats your legal needs with skill and attention to detail. Our services are trusted by major, multimillion-dollar businesses in Nevada. Attorney Craig Dunlap began his career working with major law firms, and he founded our firm on the premise that every client should have access to skilled representation and personalized care.

How Craig Dunlap Law Manages Commercial Leasing

Commercial leases are complex and have many considerations. We have the necessary resources and skills to handle your case, no matter how complex. We assist with:

  • Lease drafting and review
  • Property financing and securities
  • Tax considerations
  • Lease disputes and litigation

If you have questions about commercial leases and their legal implications, call our office. We can review your case and help guide you through your legal considerations. We are available at 702-996-6359 and can be reached online.

Experience With Highly Complicated Cases

You can depend on our successful track record. Our team works with major area businesses and with commercial property owners based outside of state limits. Craig Dunlap has more than 20 years of experience in Nevada's bankruptcy and commercial litigation.

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